We can build trust and relationships with our community by listening to and working with families, churches, schools, businesses, professionals, and the local government of Henry County. By working together with all stakeholders, we can more effectively address the needs of our citizens and solve the problems of our community. Our primary focus will be on discouraging criminal activity, helping young people to find and build careers, and focusing on at-risk students who are performing poorly in school. 


We can build career opportunities for law enforcement officers and support staff by identifying areas of need within the department and community to subsequently provide meaningful staff development and certifications through interdepartmental and outside agency training; thereby, giving officers the ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals and helping them to achieve greater career satisfaction. Emphasis will be placed on identifying certified trainers on staff to better mentor younger officers and seeking outside grants that will help fund other training opportunities


There are many qualified young people out there who would make great police officers. To better recruit these candidates, we will develop and offer up better incentives that will make joining our organization more attractive to them. We will reach these individuals through career fairs, social media, and by utilizing our School Resource Officers as ambassadors to our young people in the schools by not only keeping them safe but also demonstrating for them the importance of law enforcement in the community.


We can better retain quality sheriff’s deputies by putting together all of the elements in the CORE beliefs: creating a more positive environment by building camaraderie between our officers and community, helping officers to obtain the training that will allow them to meet and exceed their professional goals, and by providing other incentives that will help create a more stable and supportive environment for individual officers as well as the Sheriff’s Office in general.


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